Young Children and the Importance of Self-Control

  • Apr 27, 2021
Young Children and the Importance of Self-Control

Whether you are a parent, early childhood educator, or related specialist we all need to work with the youngest of our children (birth - 5 years) to instill caring and empathy for others to enable our children to deal effectively with life's ups and downs in a positive and healthy manner. This age range is when these skills must be learned to be sure our children have the social - emotional skills necessary to succeed in life. After all, self-control is the number one factor determining success or failure in life. Coinsidentaly, kindergarten teachers rate this as the number one skill needed for success in their classroom.  So by teaching our children to share, care for others, take turns, and be helpful we are arming them with the tools they will need to achieve a good life. 

If you are having difficulties with a child over 50 years of research shows us that punishment does absolutely nothing to change errant behavior patterns. The only way to change negative behavior is through positive reinforcement. Find something the child is good at and build them up for what they can do well. 

Unfortunately, children growing up in poverty are given 6 corrective or negative statments for every positive by their parent(s). This flips for college educated professional families, whom provide much more postivie reinforcement for their children. The stresses of poverty effect our parenting, and subsequentely our children. Be sure to insulate your children, or the children in your care, as best you can. 

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