Enhancing Early Literacy & Language

Enhancing Early Literacy & Language

Early Literacy & Language Development: Enhancing Early Childhood Reading and Communication through Visual Learning

Participants will learn:

  • to add sign language to familiar nursery ryhmes and early childhood favorites to enhance concept learning and recall providing a significant boost to young children learning to read
  • over 175 basic words as follows: alphabet signs, classic and new children's songs, nursery rhymes, story favorites, early reader word signs, and more!

From birth sign language can help to enhance early childhood communication skills. This wonderful tool reduces frustration on the part of the child, parent, and educator. It also reinforces the learning of language by creating additional pathways for learning, and even increases young children's IQ's. Boost your child's learning with this fuan angaging program. 

Contact EC-LEARN to LEARN more about our wonderful professioanl development programs for parents, early childhood educators and specialists. 

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We serve children throughout the continental United States and its territories. You can support children generally or specify a location to receive our professional development services and resource materials.

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