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A world were every child has the social-emotional and communication skills necessary for school readiness.

Our Services

Early Childhood Social-Emotional and Academic Learning

EC-LEARN provides life-changing education and development training services and resources to early childhood providers such as: Head Start, child care, home care providers who serve low income children and families, as well as program parents.

Social-Emotional and Positive Behavioral Learning for Young Children Ages Birth – 5 Years

Learn How to Set up Your Social – Emotional Learning (SEL) & Behavior Management Children's Centers, how to create a positive preventive atmosphere to enhance children's learning via the use of songs, games, and stories.

Fostering Communications for Young Children Ages Birth – 5 years

Participants will learn to teach basic sign words and phrases to promote and enhance early childhood functional communication, which creates the foundation of all learning – both academic and behavioral

Enhancing Communication for Special Needs Children

Participants will learn quick and easy strategies and techniques to implement visual learning; through the use of songs, games, mnemonics, and stories; which help develop children's speech and promote inclusion for autistic, down-syndrome, ADHD/ADD, speech delayed, and disabled children.

Classroom Management for Early Childhood Educators

Participants will learn: signs and phrases to enhance classroom and behavior management to identify and support children's communication languages how to establish routines with picture schedules, visual classroom rules, routines, and how to use music, games that provide a powerful foundation to enhance children's learning readiness practical guidance to work effectively with parents .

Enhancing Language & Literacy of Young Children Ages Birth – 5 years

Participants will learn to add sign language to familiar nursery rhymes and early childhood favorites to enhance concept learning and recall providing a significant boost to young children learning to read over 175 basic words as follows: alphabet signs, classic and new children's songs, nursery rhymes, story favorites, early reader word signs, and more!

Motivating & Understanding Young Children: Communication Languages and Our 4 Brains

This is an innovative and enriching workshop for educators/parents to learn how to enhance learning and help children by understanding their brain's emotional inter-workings, how this impacts children's behavior, their unique communication language, and what we can do to help our children to have a better day – everyday!

We need your financial support to reach more at-risk children and their families to enhance their school readiness (aka: communication, literacy, social-emotional development), strengthen the parent-child bond and parenting skills, reduce teacher turnover at all levels, and to make classrooms and instruction better for special needs children.

Dr. Michael S. Hubler, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Our Mission


EC-LEARN – ensuring school readiness for all children

We serve children throughout the continental United States and its territories. You can support children generally or specify a location to receive our professional development services and resource materials.

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