About Our Trainers

About Our Trainers

Dr.  Michael S. Hubler, Ed.D., earned his doctorate of education degree from Regent University and his masters of administration degree from Radford University, where he was a graduate teaching fellow. His doctoral specialization is the Social and Emotional Learning of Young Children and how it relates to learning and school readiness. He has earned many prestigious awards in providing educational and service programs to youth, including: organization of the year, citizen of the year (twice), humanitarian of the year, White House and U.S. Congressional recognition, and outstanding minority education facility for the state of Florida. He has also authored over 40 books on early childhhod education and development.  

Mrs. Lillian I.  Hubler is the Founder and President of Time to Sign, Inc., which is the foremost sign language trainer of young children’s educators. She has trained more than 100,000 early childhood and special needs educators nationwide.  She is a dynamic presenter whose presentations are educational best practices, engaging, and fun.  Lillian brings sign language to life with visual learning, social and emotional readiness, and classroom & behavior management best practices.  Her methods and practices are used in over 3,800 schools nationwide.

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We serve children throughout the continental United States and its territories. You can support children generally or specify a location to receive our professional development services and resource materials.

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