Enhancing Early Childhood Communication

Enhancing Early Childhood Communication

Enhancing Early Childhood Communication: Creating A Strong Foundation for Learning & Development

Participant groups can be parents, early childhood educators and specialists. Participants will learn:

  • through fun and engaging songs, games, activities, and stories that can be directly transferred to use with your children
  • to teach basic sign words and phrases to promote and enhance early childhood functional communication, which creates the foundation of all learning – both academic and behavioral
  • to use sign words to compliment, enhance and reinforce new concept learning for quicker learning and better recall
  • how sign language benefits young children’s learning and personal growth and development

Program participants will receive the incredible Basic Signs, ABC to Animals, and Farm Animal Card Set

Contact EC-LEARN to LEARN more about our early childhood programs for parents, early childhood educators and specialists.

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We serve children throughout the continental United States and its territories. You can support children generally or specify a location to receive our professional development services and resource materials.

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