Social-Emotional & Behavior Management for Parents

Social-Emotional & Behavior Management for Parents

Highly engaging and fun program for parent. Participants will learn:

  • How to incorporate learning activities to promote social-emotional skill building.
  • How to establish play to learn routines during meal time, naptime, and story time.
  • How to understand and meet their child’s communication needs
  • How to engage their children through story time to learn important caring and sharing skills
  • Learn about Farm Animals and Feelings through stories, song and games.
  • How to identify their child’s communication language and how to effectively engagement them using them.
  • How to identify and meet their child’s 6 basic human needs.
  • Learn great outdoor games and activities to teach social-emotional skills

 Parent Engagement Training will receive the Social-Emotional Learning Guide and DVD along with some great play tools.

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